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Erotic massage is a type of massage that will bring special relaxation and sensuality to the body. Its main objective will be to stimulate the intimate zones of the body of the man or woman to provoke pleasure and excitement and, in numerous occasions, to reach the orgasm. However, in order to enjoy such a massage to the full, it must be carried out by a professional erotic masseuses.

The erotic massages in Mallorca of this agency are precisely an exclusive and luxurious service. An excellent opportunity to experience all the benefits of a massage of this type. Both individually and as a couple, it is a unique and different service with which to live emotions until now totally unknown.

Benefits of an erotic massage

Through the sexual energy that flows from the hands and bodies of tantric masseuses in Mallorca you can enjoy the many benefits that a massage of this type brings.

On the one hand, it is a massage that stimulates the erogenous zones of the woman and the man to enjoy orgasms much more pleasant. The lingam massage for men or the yoni massage for women are the best examples in this respect. Massages that focus especially on the penis and vagina to experience an overwhelming sensation of pleasure.

In addition, erotic massages if lived as a couple are the best solution to awaken sexual desire. The pleasure that is received serves so that both feel the impulse to want to experience this sensation with their partner. An activity that will allow greater sexual communication between the two and leave the routine behind.

Along with sexual excitement, erotic massage on Mallorca has numerous health benefits. Not in vain, it is ideal for improving blood flow to the massaged area. In this way, the skin and other parts of the body will become much more sensitive to receive the caresses and stimuli of massage.

Finally, this type of massage is especially suitable for those who want to experience a total feeling of relaxation. Precisely, it is a massage that eliminates the tensions and diminishes the anxiety and stress that are usually lived with the routines of the day to day.

Erotic massages in Mallorca

There is a great variety of tantra massages in Mallorca to which you can have access. All of them are massages where discretion and elegance are the main protagonists. The masseurs will be available 24 hours a day by appointment to perform outcall massages in the hotel room or at home.

At the time of giving these massages, the massage therapists may be dressed completely, naked or half-naked. Everything will depend on the type of massage selected, as the client can choose the happy ending massage that best suits their desires and characteristics.

One of them is the tantra delight massage, in which the masseuse goes half-naked and carries out the massage with her hands. An ideal session to learn some of the little secrets of tantra. You will enjoy Art Massage Shenzhen and the beautiful girls experts in tantra massages.

Another of these massages is the summum intensity massage. On this occasion, the masseuse is naked and uses her hands and body to run through the skin of the massage. An oriental massage in which even the client can touch the body of the masseuse to feel a greater excitement.

A third option is the exclusive luxury massage. Here the masseuse is also completely naked and accompanies the massage with an erotic shower. During the shower, the masseuse moves sensually around the client to awaken the greatest pleasures.

Finally, a four-hand massage can be performed. In it two masseurs use their hands and their bodies to give pleasure to the client. A higher level of eroticism and sensuality and with which you reach orgasm more easily.

Lingam Massage

The lingam massage for the man and the yoni massage for the woman are the happy ending that can accompany any of the previous massages.

The lingam massage consists of stimulating the intimate areas of the man with a massage on his penis. A way to provoke maximum excitement, but at the same time help the man to control his ejaculation.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage, on the other hand, is a type of massage that stimulates the vagina and the woman’s G-spot. It is also a massage with which the woman can easily reach orgasm and which serves to relax tensions.

Erotic massages in Mallorca are an exclusive and luxurious service. The variety of massages and the professionalism and experience of tantric masseurs are the hallmark that differentiates our massage centre from the rest.

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